Here’s a bit of a size reference with the Percheron, every photo I take of it, he looks quarter horse sized. So here he is with a few large dogs and cat skulls. I think a couple more degreasing cocktails for the Percheron and he’ll be ready for a peroxide bath next month.

The dog closest to the horse is actually showing some change, here I thought I wouldn’t be able to degrease it. Two below it are new, middle is in the degreasing bin and the bottom one is too bleach damaged. One cat is degreasing as well while the other one only needs a peroxide bath.

Wanted more in-depth photos but some neighbors I didn’t know were walking their children and noticeably staring. It’s a long way from the road to the house but it’s hard to mistake a massive horse skull for something else. Been waiting all day for a knock at my door by the police or HOA.